Feasibility Studies
The Design Formula’s services were procured to conduct a feasibility study into a new diesel engine for one of our clients. Market research and benchmarking were initially carried out.

Conceptual engine 3D models created in Pro Engineer.

Compilation of a fully costed Bill of Material.

Decision matrix assessment of system layouts.

Engine block design including bore, stroke, cylinder spacing and material definition.

Cylinder head and valve train layouts.

Air handling layouts for varying emission levels.

Lubricating and cooling system layouts.

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System Design
The Design Formula designed and developed a new diesel engine lubricating system for our client which was to be manufactured and assembled in China.

Project managed from concept design through to successful production implementation.

Design Validation Plan generation.

Chinese Supplier development (Including supplier visits).

System flow analysis co-ordination and calibration.

Detailed 3D models and drawings in Pro Engineer 3D CAD system.

Design Failure Modes Effects Analysis (DFMEA).

Design review presentations.



Design & Project Management
The Design Formula successfully lead the design and project managed a diesel engine cylinder head into production.

Issues found during early Alpha testing meant a rapid major redesign was required on a programme that was already running late.


Project managed successfully into production.

Design Reviews conducted at each phase.

7 Step problem solving.

Validation development and implementation planning

Test work carried in USA, Europe and Asia.

Casting and machining liaison with European prototype suppliers.

Casting and machining line development with Chinese production suppliers.

Chinese supplier visits.

Engine Component Design
We also have experience in designing and developing the following engine components.

Flywheel Housings

Front end accessory drives : Fan Hubs, Idlers & support Brackets

Cylinder Heads : Water Jackets, Intake ports, Exhaust ports & overheads

Cylinder Blocks : Water jackets, bearings

Aluminium & plastic Intake Manifolds

Turbochargers – fixed, waste gate & variable geometry

Cast iron turbine housings

Aluminium compressor housings

Pressed steel brackets

Engine plumbing

Lubricating systems : pumps, coolers,filters & aluminium housings. Oil degradation studies

Composite & Aluminium oil pans

Gaskets and seals

EGR system Layouts


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